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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Episode No. 3 - "Interview Series: Collaboration, Creativity, and Corn"

In the first installment of The Brody and Colty Show Interview Series, Brody interviews YouTube celebrities Zach Katz and John Loxterkamp about creativity, their former and current projects, internet collaboration, and corn on the cob etiquette.

Check out their YouTube channels here:

Zach Katz:

John Loxterkamp:

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Episode No. 2 - "Spotify and Your Missing Copper"

Brody and Colty discuss Spotify and how it affects musicians in the modern music industry. They also take a peek into the darker aspects of ghetto journalism in Detroit and reveal Brody's hatred towards Norway during a discussion of the recent YouTube hit "The Fox" by Ylvis.

Featured in This Episode:

The New Yorker - If You Care About Music, Should You Ditch Spotify?

The New Yorker - How Will Musicians Survive in the Spotify Era

Ylvis - The Fox

Ghetto News Reporter in Detroit

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Episode No. 1 - "What's the Deal With Seal's Face?"

In this episode, the guys discuss Seal's face, a totally rad cover of A Kiss From a Rose by Moa Desert, and an article from The Atlantic regarding the 'Cult of Self-Esteem'. They also delve into the weirder parts of the internet and give their picks for Album of the Week. Check it out!

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